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Price starts from £10.00 for 30 minutes. Up to 8 users per room

Nestled within the heart of Castaway Play in Congleton, the Space Sensory Room offers an enchanting retreat for both adults with additional needs and children who have physical disabilities or autism. This captivating environment is tailored to stimulate and calm sensory experiences in a magical setting that transports its occupants into the cosmos. Stepping into the sensory room, you are immediately met with the awe-inspiring visual spectacle of space-themed ultra-violet wall murals.
These artistic wonders complement the fascinating tactile explorations provided by an array of sensory toys and fidget tools, specifically designed to engage fine motor skills and provide soothing stimuli. A fibre-optic curtain adds to the sensory adventure, with its subtle movements and colour changes catching the eye and engaging the mind. Bubble lamps shimmer and shift, while the ball pit provides a safe and enjoyable full-body sensory experience. Perhaps most impressive are the colour-changing floor tiles, offering interactive and sensory-engaging fun that brings the cosmic theme to life.
This sanctuary is the perfect haven for a child overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the main play rooms, offering a peaceful respite that stimulates and soothes in equal measure. It’s also a great choice for younger children under three, or for those with additional needs of any age, providing a unique environment that can be adapted to their individual sensory needs. For an additional £10 for a 30-minute session, the Space Sensory Room provides an invaluable experience, well worth the investment for the comfort and enjoyment of the child.

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