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Price starts from £10.00 for 30 minutes. Up to 8 children per room.

The Jungle Sensory Room at Castaway Play in Congleton is a unique and specially designed environment dedicated to offering an immersive sensory experience for adults with additional needs, as well as children with physical disabilities or autism. Vibrantly adorned with jungle-themed artwork, this room transports its visitors into a delightful tropical wonderland. Touch and texture play a significant role here, with various objects and tactile surfaces providing stimulating sensory experiences. Additionally, children can explore the room’s many other features, including a ball pit, an infinity mirror, and floor mats, all of which contribute to the development of their tactile and visual senses.
Designed with precision and care, the sensory room includes a captivating array of sensory delights: a spinning seat to provide vestibular input, fibre optic lights to enchant the visual sense, and a bubble lamp to deliver soothing visual stimuli. Amidst the rich jungle murals illuminated by ultra violet light, there are fidget toys to engage the sense of touch and promote fine motor skills. However, it’s important to note that due to its proximity to the main Lost Jungle Play room, the sensory room might not be suitable for individuals with severe noise sensitivity.
Should the hustle and bustle of the main play rooms become overwhelming for a child, parents can seek solace in the Jungle Sensory Room. For an additional £10, they can book a 30-minute session, providing their child a calm, controlled, and enchanting environment to explore. This space is ideally suited for children under three or those with additional needs of any age, offering them an opportunity to interact, learn, and grow at their own pace amidst the allure of the jungle.

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