Sensory Room Hire

available for children aged three and under or children with additional needs of any age.

Choose from our 2 themed sensory rooms

Our sensory rooms are available for adults or children with additional needs. To reserve your exclusive session, simply select the ‘General Admission with Sensory Room’ option in our booking system. This will provide you with 30 minutes of private, uninterrupted time to enjoy all the wonderful features of the room.
Please note that there is an additional charge of £10 for 30 minutes of exclusive use. However, if you’re joining us during a SEN session, access to the sensory room is already included.

Sensory Rooms at Castaway

Since our grand opening in March 2019, we at Castaway have steadfastly upheld our ‘inclusive play promise.’ Our vision was to create a haven of joy, a playground for all children, regardless of their abilities or circumstances. Our own family experiences – our niece, a vibrant soul living with cerebral palsy, and our son, a bright spark navigating autism – formed the core of this commitment.

In our quest for inclusion, we’ve endeavoured to make every aspect of our play centre universally accessible. Our focus extends beyond children with physical disabilities, embracing those with neurodiversity as well.

Our sensory rooms, crafted to be a sensory delight, serve as sanctuaries during bustling times. They offer children a calming environment to explore through their senses, where they can experience a variety of textures and behold the therapeutic artwork adorning the walls. These sensory spaces provide a respite from the noise and crowd, a place of refuge when it all gets a bit too overwhelming.

These rooms are an ideal retreat for toddlers under three and an inclusive space for children and adults with additional needs, regardless of their age. We’ve made booking simple and straightforward – just send get in touch with your preferred times.

Do note that there’s no need to reserve the sensory rooms during ‘SEN sessions’ as access is automatically included in these dedicated time slots.

We hope that you will find as much joy in our sensory rooms as we did in creating them. We eagerly await the memories you’ll create and share – please tag us in your photos. We’re here to ensure that every visit to Castaway is a cherished adventure.

Get in touch for enquiries and sensory room bookings

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We are proud winners of best play centre in the North West in our industry because we are passionate about creating amazing experiences for everyone, including the grown ups.

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We constantly invest in our play facilities and family spaces, so your experience keeps getting better. For hours of energetic fun, children can explore the 4 magically themed world’s of Castaway.

Caring, fun loving team

All our team are chosen for their caring, fun loving, enthusiasm and we constantly invest in their training and development.

Your safety is our top priority

Our centres are always super clean because we invest in the time and equipment to make sure that they are.

Jungle Sensory Room Noise

Just a little heads-up for our cherished guests, regarding our Jungle Sensory room: while it’s an immersive, exciting space nestled amidst our Jungle theme, please note that it isn’t completely soundproof. If you or your loved ones have severe noise sensitivity, this environment may not be ideal. We are dedicated to your comfort and enjoyment, so please consider this information when planning your visit.

We are operating timed sessions throughout December

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